L-R (Clockwise) Youth Day Explosion 2015 Special Guest Mike Duggan, Mayor of the City of Detroit, Team We: and 2015 Keynote Speaker Arthur Cartwright 

Detroit Professional Community Action Group, Together WE are Esteeming Our Youth, Mobilizing Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs and more in the Community  to Take Action! 












As a Native Detroiter, my own life and testimony is one of Detroit Possible. Growing up a witness to poverty, I watched my family go from welfare to work to starting and owning their own businesses in the City of Detroit. I also have witnessed education the great equalizer change lives within my own family; whereby none of my grandmother's seven daughters graduated from high school but one. Yet, all of them returned to school and all of them have a degree except one. The eldest daughter (my aunt) has a PhD. in Education and the youngest (my mother) has an MBA in Finance.


However, like many urban youth today with all the possibilities of life before me, there would be many circumstances and obstacles that I would yet have to overcome myself being the eldest daughter of  three born to a teenage mother. At the age of 11, I read the entire Bible cover to cover while experiencing my community nearly eradicated and my childhood home turn into the neighborhood crack house. At age 15, I was carjacked and robbed at gunpoint in the City of Detroit. However, it wasn’t until 2009 when my baby brother was murdered in the City of Detroit that I experienced the greatest pain regarding our youth and what plagues us all today; which now gives me the greatest passion to want to see my city, the Comeback City of Detroit and the lives of our youth across this nation turn around.


For me, it was FAITH and exposure to hearing and reading about great men and seeing great women’s lives (Professional Role Models), the transformative power of information, knowledge (EDUCATION), mentorship by modeling and support imparted to me overtime. This gave me HOPE and would eventually become the catalyst to changing the trajectory of my own life. It is my greatest pleasure to bring this opportunity to our youth in urban and underserved cities across the U.S. and especially in my hometown the Historically Great City of Detroit.


A special note of appreciation and thanks goes out to the "AND STILL WE RISE" 2021 Detroit Professional Community Action Group and Committees, our Keynote Speaker, Community and Youth/Civic and Social Panelist, Workshop Presenters, to our Business, Professional and Community Success Sponsors; and most importantly to Our Youth whom this day was created for and are truly at the heart of our work we say, “In Your Community, In Your Education and In Your Leadership...You Are The Future... And That Future is NOW...ARISE...SHINE!”


Great Things,


President, CEO

Detroit Possible Inc.

Nothing Is Impossible