Ms. Shecara Yvon

MA, M.E.L- Founder, President & CEO

A City of Detroit Native, graduate of Liberty University with a MA in Management & Executive Leadership, and CSULA with a BA in Communications; who with an activist and entrepreneurial spirit is leading the way for urban businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, professionals etc to collaborate and maximize their potential. Together we are helping to change the conversation from problems to POSSIBLE in urban and underserved communities across the U.S.

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National Advisory Team

Team We- Los Angeles Chioma Ndubuisi, PMP, CSM, C.P.C

Team We- Detroit

Erick Davie- Community & School Liaison

Team We-Detroit Advisory

Kenneth Donaldson- President, C.E.O. BUF of Michigan

Team We- Detroit Advisory

Sharon Madison- Owner, Madison & Madison International

Team We P.G.C.- Advisory

Jim Coleman, President, C.E.O. of Prince Georges County Economic Development Corporation

Team We DC- Advisory

Tracy Bailey - Astro Holding Company, LLC

Team We Los Angeles- Advisory

Janet Lavender- Founder, C.E.O of Well Suited/ Youth With A Passion

Team We D.C.

Greg Bacon, Dean of Students- Crossland High School

Team We Atlanta

Khobi Hall- Media Consultant, CBS Radio

Team We Los Angeles-Advisory

Nason Buchanan- Regional Manager at City of Los Angeles

Team We Atlanta- Advisory/Sponsor

Chet Brewster- Multi-camera Director, Davenstar Entertainment, LLC

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Team We Detroit

Michael Dorsey Jr. Esteem We Inc Executive Administrator

Team We Detroit

Jodi Luster, M.S.W., Esteem We Inc Treasurer

Team We Detroit

Mrs. A.V. Young, M.B.A. Finance, Esteem We Inc Vice President

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