Thank you for your generous contribution and donation today! It's because of local businesses and professionals like you that we are able to provide the tools needed for outreach and transportation for our youth who would otherwise be unable to participate in Youth Day and subsequent programming. 




Our City Possible campaign mobilizes business professionals, community advocates, clergy, entrepreneurs

and more to "SHOW UP" for our youth in urban cities across the US!


Detroit Possible Inc. provides Life Skills Training, Education and Information Referral and a

Unique Opportunity for Professionals to Pay It Forward!


What Student's Walk Away From Youth Day Explosion with: 


* Exposure to Professional Role Models 

* Mentor Opportunities

* College Admissions Access and Information

* Career and Job Readiness Information

* Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

* Job Skills Training Program Information

* Entrepreneurial Development Programs and Information

* Employment Opportunities 

* A Sense of Community and Hope

* Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

* A Renewed Feeling of Control and Responsibility for Themselves, Their Families and to the Their Communities


We are excited about what together WE get to do for our youth!


NEW: Virtual Career and Employment Readiness Assessment Platform, Website and more coming in 2021!

Detroit Possible Inc promotes community and youth development. Youth Day Explosion give our youth access, connection and exposure to dynamic local business owners, entrepreneurs, community and youth advocates and ongoing programs, resources for themselves and for their families.


For Professionals in The Community Ready to Take Action this is a Unique Opportunity to Pay it Forward! 

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Business Professionals, Community/Youth Advocates and Entrepreneurs....







SIABG Virtual Series

 City Possible Campaign to Mobilize Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs and more...

 "Young boys and girls are waiting on us [who believe that no one is coming]...We must all be willing to show up, be present, engage and connect, to change and help in another’s life. To those of us who have made it…this is an opportunity to be accountable, show up, return, pour things in and challenge others to pay it forward." -Connie L. Lindsey, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility-Northern Trust, National Board President of Girl Scouts

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“This experience has opened my eyes to what I can do with my life. It has made me wonder about my future life and how successful I WILL be. It has made me see how many people actually care about the Youth in Detroit. 11:34 a.m. –Myla Jordan 


“This program today was a great motivation for me and I learned no one can tell you that you can’t because “I can.” I also learned that as I grow to help people on the way… God and other people will bless me. Finally I learned to just follow your dreams. 11:35 a.m. -Dye’Mond Brown


“I feel like this is a great experience for not just me, but everyone here. I’m learning and being inspired by great people to be the greatest person I can be.”11:36a.m. -Audenaire Suggs 


“I believe this is going to make me think more about my future. Me being here at Cobo is going to better me and inspire me to keep moving forward. 11:38 a.m. – Jaylen Powell


“I think the program is encouraging so far. It shows how you can keep moving forward.”11:34 a.m.-DaRon Johnson


“I appreciate that all of the guests spoke to the role God plays in being successful. It becomes difficult to convey... to our youth in school so it was great to hear and see it here...” 11:38 a.m. -Celica Whitley, School Official